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Thor on a bike. Worlds collide!

When I began this blog, I peppered posts about cycling culture amongst those about comics.

Imagine my delight to discover the work of Maryland-based mountain bike-loving artist Mike Joos who brings the two together.

In honor of the upcoming Thor movie, I included the pic of Thor on a bike with hammer wheels. (I imagine this is how he gets to Midgard when the rainbow bridge Bifrost is closed for repair – like so many Toronto streets.)

And I couldn’t pass up this one of Ghost Rider – it reminds me too much of N.E.R.D. for some reason.

Not a comic book fan? Check out his Cookie Monster on a bike, Mr T. on a bike, Princess Leia pulling Jabba the HutOptimus Prime, or one of the many, many other pop culture and historical figures used in his work.

Buy a print!

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Toronto cycling event highlights – May 2010

There are a ton of cycling events happening in the city this summer. Here are a few coming up in the next few weeks:

(via City of Toronto)

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Toronto “bike wars” debate rages

The latest dispatch from the battle on Toronto’s streets between cyclists and cars comes to us courtesy of Lisa Rochon in the Saturday edition of The Globe and Mail. This ongoing tension has been alternately referred to as “bike wars” and “war on the car” – depending on your perspective on the issue, I would guess. If you’ve not read any of the debate so far, check out Shawn Micallef’s take. It’s a good starting point with some links to articles from The Star and NOW. (Adding to Micallef’s piece: I’ve driven on Eastern Avenue down by the Beach before and after the bike lane introduction. Frankly, traffic moves better now. The new turning lanes have improved flow. And there’s no more lane changing by drivers which was the main cause of traffic backing up before the bike lanes were installed.)

Rochon looks at Copenhagen’s bike system to back up here argument that Toronto City Hall isn’t doing nearly enough for cycling culture in the city despite their proclamation otherwise. She outlines many of the initiatives undertaken by the city, including an entire department under the transportation portfolio tasked with managing a $15M budget for cycling projects.  Matthew Blackett wrote about the same for The Toronto Star and Spacing website back in May. The timing of Rochon’s piece coincides with the city’s bike saftey blitz week.

And for those who enjoy reading about policy setting on cycling issues, you’ll find a short report here on Bike Summit 2009, described as a day-long conference on cycling policy co-hosted by the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (TCAT) and the Clean Air Partnership. The article highlights four suggestions proposed by a speaker from the Netherlands to make cycling more accessible in the city.

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Toronto’s nude bike ride

NOW Magazine gets its jollies posting a video from World Naked Bike Ride day in Toronto this past weekend. A fairly boring clip featuring lots of bare male bums.

Meanwhile over at Spacing Montreal, more Bixi coverage. A controversy is brewing over the iPhone app for the public bike sharing enterprise.

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Bike to work in the nude?

It being only midway through Toronto Bike Month (which oddly starts in the middle of May), there are still a few organized cycling events around the city. Check out this handy cycling events calendar on the City of Toronto website.

I think it’s still officially  “bike to work” month, but you might want to save this for the weekend: World Naked Bike Ride Toronto, on June 13 down near the CNE grounds. More info about the Toronto event here.

Or how about this: Tour de Dufflet. Eat some treats and burn calories as you cycle to all three Dufflet locations. Apparently the registration money is being donated to a charity, but the blog doesn’t detail which. More details here.

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