Scott Thompson hosts the Doug Wright Awards 2013


This year, 2013, was only my second time attending the Doug Wright Awards. I was introduced last year when Terry Mosher earned his Giants of the North hall of fame award. That event was hosted by Toronto-based entertainment and pop culture columnist Geoff Pevere.

Scott Thompson, of Kids in the Hall and Hannibal fame, was this year’s MC. Completely entertaining as you might expect. I dragged along my buddy Derek Evernden who made the banner for this blog. He had a blast.

I only became vaguely aware of the awards in 2010, but imagined it would be some super-stuffy insider’s event. (Only half-true!) Not only was it hugely entertaining (in the best and most geeky way possible), but my favourite part was discovering brilliant talent. Last year, I didn’t know any of the nominees. I’m not embarrassed to say that I was a complete newbie to the Canadian indie comics scene despite my having attended TCAF since 2005. This year, at least I’d read two of the nominated books across all three categories.

Collected here are some Tweets that I sent out during the awards along with some by a few others. But first, enjoy the intro video featuring some of the evening’s nominated books brought to life with the voice talent of Scott Thompson and others.



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