Comic events in Montreal and New York

D+Q anniversary poster

D+Q anniversary poster


Wishing I was in Montreal

Tomorrow (June 3), TV on The Radio and Dirty Projectors play the Drawn + Quarterly 20th anniversary bash. Twenty years already? That’s crazy. So much talent there: Chester Brown, Seth, Guy Delisle. I wrote this review of Michel Rabagliati’s Paul Moves Out (published by D+Q) for Maclean’s back in 2005.


Wishing I was in New York

Jason has a new book coming out, which I did not know and am totally jazzed to discover. Low Moon (Fantagraphics), it’s titled, and he’s going to be at The Strand bookstore in NYC tomorrow (June 3). I’m still looking to pick up a copy of I Killed Adolph Hitler.

Also at The Strand, Seth (!) and Adrian Tomine. They’re going to show some slides and chat with the audience. If anyone has the opportunity to attend, I’d love to hear all about it. Drop me a line or comment.

Check out The Strand event calendar for more info.


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