Superheroes are just like us!

They clean the house. They take out the trash. They live a lonely existence filled with remorse and self-pity.

A behind-the-shield look at superheroes in their daily lives by two photographers who tell vastly different stories.

‘Superman cleaning house’ is one in the docu-photo series Super Heroes at Home by Gregg Segal who turns his lens on the people who make their living dressing up in superheroes costumes to pose for photos with tourists on Hollywood Boulevard – living one foot planted firmly in fantasy.

Of the subjects:

More than anyone else, they define contemporary Hollywood, conveying the community’s aspirations and its fringe-level reality.

Of the series:

I followed the super heroes home to highlight the contrast of the fantastic and mundane.

Check out the series to see Spider-man hanging laundry, Wonder Woman taking out the trash and Cat Woman photographing a model.

The Everyday Occurrences of an Aging Superhero (top image) takes a decidedly darker look as the spandex set. This fictional photo series looks at the struggle of a “real” superhero grappling with the mundane aspects of normal life after, one guesses, society no longer needs him. You can see the photos here and here.

(via Flavorwire, PetaPixel)

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