It’s Wednesday! (June 26, 2013)


Let’s take a moment to recognize the milestone reached by The Unwritten. Fifty issues is quite an achievement.

I didn’t expect this series could maintain momentum beyond the third arc. But Mike Carey and Peter Gross continue to surprise and delight. Well done, gentlemen.

In this issue:

An extra-sized issue celebrating fifty issues of THE UNWRITTEN and the start of “THE UNWRITTEN FABLES,” a 5-issue storyline that drags Tom Taylor into the heart of a world he never made from the pages of Vertigo’s hit series FABLES. The mundane realm of humanity and the fairy-tale homelands have fallen to a terrible foe. In desperation, the witches of Fabletown gather to summon the greatest mage the worlds have ever seen. And are they in for an unpleasant surprise…

Written by: Mike Carey; Art by:  Peter GrossMark Buckingham; Cover by: Yuko Shimizu

As for the rest of the week, it is insane. I don’t remember the last time I took home so many books in one week. I’m not sure if it’s worth going through the entire list.

image_prophet36I’m eager to crack open Prophet #36. The main story is unfolding at its own pace, which I’m completely cool with. It’s just an interesting book to lose oneself, much like Brandon Graham’s previous work King City. But I’ve also recently turned on to Malachi Ward and Matt Sheen who are doing the backup story.

The second issue of Jupiter’s Legacy (Mark Millar, Frank Quitely) finally arrives. Is anyone really surprised this book might not come out on schedule? Also, issue #2 of Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy’s The Wake. I still haven’t got around to reading #1. (It’s high in the pile.) And Sex #4, which I’m more interested in Joe Casey’s “Sex Talk” at the back of the book than his comic main story, but I’m still giving it a try. The Bounce #2 is also is the bag.

Young_Avengers_Vol_2_6_TextlessAt the other end of the spectrum, we have Young Avengers #6. Like Hawkeye, it took me a while to give in to this book (mostly because it’s Marvel), but I am enjoying myself. There are a few books in the catalogue where Marvel doesn’t take itself too seriously, and those tend to be my favourite reads. Speaking of Hawkeye, issue #11 is out this week as well and promises a Pizza Dog solo story. (Damn, I feel 12 all over again. I love this series.) And FF #8, which I think Fraction is writing better than the main Fantastic Four book.

And I haven’t even mentioned Valiant (X-O Manowar #14 with the cool 8-bit cover by Matthew Waite) or Dark Horse (MIND MGMT #12) yet.


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